Horizon XL3 fireplace



Bellfires and Fireside are proud to present the new range of gas fire that will dominate the coming season: the Bell Fires 3. With a high level of engineering and design the Horizon Bell Fires is available with the new inline frame, an innovation based on a door frame with a profile of 8 mm thick, glass ceramic mounted behind it, giving the feeling of be floating, giving it a modern and minimalist look.




Electronic ignition from the remote control.
With bonfire logs for more realistic ceramic fiber or white or gray stone effect to give a more modern look.
Setting Floating or hidden Series 3 (choice) framework.
Interior background panels or plain background (to choose) black ceramic panels (reflection) (optional)
The technology works with a balanced draft combustion chamber sealed, so air quality inside your home stays.
Power 2-10 kw.
85% yield with consequent energy savings.
Consumption, 1.41 m3 / h (natural gas), 860 g / h propane / butane.
Ventilation double concentric tube top 100/150 mm diameter or 130/200 depending on circulation.
Measure approx. Crystal 1.45 mts.