Soho fireplace


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It is the decorative pattern we have. Its 2.7 Kw .. let calefactar 10-15 m².
Its shallow, only 30 cm allows us to install the fireplace in small rooms, even in the air chambers of the houses.
It is a very decorative appliance. The board comes with ceramic fiber logs, but we have optional kit black pebbles, colors, a mirror to the inside of the fireplace, black front, stainless front, double glazed front steel. With the push of the button on the remote control to instantly get a real fire.
Availability of Fireplaces of natural gas, propane and butane gas.
Plus our gas fireplace are class 5, ie low NOx.



Real Power


 Approx. price / time



2.7 Kw. 


Natural gas




 0.328 m3/h

 0.251 Kg/h

0.262 Kg/h


Natural gas




 0.18 €

0.28 €

0.29 €


Natural gas




10-12 m2

10-12 m2

10-12 m2

Real Power 2.7 Kw. / H
Heating Power for 10 to 12 m2, approximate
Electronic Ignition Intellifire. From the command INCLUDED
With bonfire logs ceramic fiber for more realistic effect.
On the shallow (30 cm) is ideal for installation in bedrooms
The technology works with a direct vent sealed combustion chamber, so the air quality in your home stays
77% yield thus saving energy and realism of a traditional fireplace.
Apparatus Class 5 Low NOx.
Frontal studio black, stainless steel or stainless steel with glass (optional)
Possibility to replace the logs for colored stones (optional)
If not installed with front studio, need to buy a traditional black front mesh lining to place the customer wants. SU70016 Code
Height adjustable flame from the remote.
Ventilation options (top or back, directly with a 90° elbow) make more flexible installation.
Superior ventilation/rear twin-tube 170 mm in diameter.
Available for Natural Gas, Butane and Propane.



Front Soho

Completely change your outlook on chimneys, its location and appearance. With its small size, its shallowness and its square, the Soho model enables many installation options as you can imagine. Its basic design combines simplicity and elegance.

Set up your fireplace with a black front, glass or polished steel.

Trunk traditional, modern black onyx pebbles or colored... choose your combination to give an artistic touch to your home decor.

malla-negraFront with black mesh
Traditional standard logs






malla-aceroFront mesh stainless steel polished
Style studio with optional black onyx pebbles






malla-negra2Front with black mesh style
study with standard logs






malla-acero2Glass front and polished stainless steel
standard studio style trunks








Interior Finishes Soho

guijarros-oniceOptional black onyx pebbles






guijarros-coloresPebbles of various colors optional






guijarros-onice-panelesBlack onyx pebbles
with reflective panels





guijarros-colores-panelesPebbles of various colors
with reflective panels





mando-deluxeMando Deluxe controls the temperature of the room turning on or off the fireplace when the specified temperature is reached.
- Manual mode or thermostat
- Setting the desired temperature
- Digital display
- Temperature in degrees Celsius
- Timer
- Watch
- Safety device for children
- Includes wall bracket


Paint it the same color you have on the outside of your home. Available with or DVP-TRAP2 SLPTRAP2.





terracotaSPC Terracota

Flue type stone. Only compatible with DVP system. To consult SLP system