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Healthy Home

When we speak about the benefit on having used a chimney of Ventilation Directa/Estanca with regard to a traditional chimney of fuelwood or one of gas atmospheric, we speak of:



In our fireplaces gases are expelled to the exterior of the house, so the danger that the CO is inside the housing does not occur



For the versatility of the fireplaces, the installation is safe, no smell, no mess, and without storing quality firewood.


Energy Efficiency

Watertight Fireside Fireplaces have an energy efficiency of up to 80%; the largest market for these products

Direct Ventilation

Firesides system of direct ventilation or sealed gas fireplaces is completely sealed,

it extracts from the exterior 100 % of the air of combustion and it ejects all the exhaust fumes to the outside without affecting the air quality of the interior, turning them into the safest and healthiest gas devices for the home. In addition, all the cold air is removed and the heat output is maximized.

Our catalogue

  • Gas fireplaces

    element4 · bellfires · heat&glo

    gas fireplaces are the best alternative to traditional fireplaces, for cleanliness, comfort and technology

    Portable stoves

    portable stoves

    we present our range of portable gas stoves, which include the quality and design

    Electric fireplaces


    home creates an atmosphere of elegance and relaxation, with this collection of electrical fires CELSI


    hotech · Carron

    radiators and towel design that revolutionized the world of heating and traditional cast iron radiators

  • Bioethanol fireplaces

    glamm fire

    bioethanol fireplaces have been gaining ground in other traditional fireplaces, primarily for its environmental friendliness.

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Welcome to Distribuciones Fireside

The importer and distributor of gas fireplaces Heat & Glo, Element 4 Bellfires and Electric Fireplaces Celsi for Spain and Portugal. Also, to complete our range of designer radiators and Hotech brand cast iron radiators brand Carron.


The Fireside difference

"Sometimes new is the recovery of the old, eliminating the possible disadvantages and providing benefits. The gas and electric fireplaces Fireside recover the fire as a form of home heating and as a decorative element, keeping the romance of a wood fire and traditional evenings around him. At the same time, our fireplaces reduce the drawbacks of the old chimneys: they are cleaner, more comfortable and safer. "


Why Fireside

Fireside will show the benefit and pleasure of having one of our devices installed in the heart of your home. This site has pictures, videos, photos, items of interest ... but do not forget that our team of professionals is at your disposal for any questions.


Distribuciones Fireside SL   Málaga · España                    Phones.+34 951 27 91 90           +34 678 71 67 13

logo nuevo final-fireside



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